Who Is Alex Smale?

It’s always nice to know there’s genuine human behind a company, so as the founder and creator of Sell What You Know™ I wanted to introduce myself.

I’m Alex. Married with 5-year-old twins. Plus, a 5-year-old stepson.

I’ve been a digital marketer and coach for over 15 years.

Taught and mentored thousands of people all over the world on how to become successful in the digital economy and to live their best lives.

Been homeless twice. Once as a child when my dad went bankrupt. Once as an adult after a relationship ended. So, I’m pretty grounded.

Made computer games for 10 years. Been a pub manager, a zoo manager, a photographer. And developed an award-winning virtual reality technology to help people living with dementia. Search for ‘Immersicare’ on YouTube if you’re interested in checking that out. Make sure you have a hanky ready though. It’s a tearjerker.

Who Is Alex Smale?
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