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Sell What You Know

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In that training, we walk you through the structure of a great coaching offer.

Everyone is different. So how can that be applied to you?

That's exactly what we'll help you to understand on a free 1 to 1 Discovery Strategy Session with a Sell What You Know expert.

We'll take a relaxed look at where you're at now, where you want to get to, what the gaps might be, what the areas to focus on might be. And then what the next steps for you should be to get things going in the direction you want them to go in.

You'll walk away with an actionable blueprint, personalised to you, for how you can become a successful online coach.

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Sell What You Know Reviews

Meet Your SWYK Advisors & Support

Jerri Jarmeh

Alex has a long tradition of welcoming a select few previous clients into the family to join the team at SWYK.

This is because, they know how things work inside out, and Alex can continue to coach them with their own businesses and they can see how things work at a much larger scale.

Jerri has been a part of our family for the longest time. A world-class photographer in her own right, Jerri has an amazing personality and is a great advisor. Helping our clients to make the right decisions with their coaching businesses.

Rick Cosnett

Rick is really happy to be a part of the Sell What You Know team, having major experience in the film and TV industry internationally, and loves helping people with how to efficiently take their skills and ideas online and to the next level.

Rick is a coach and has his own program which he runs alongside the time he spends helping us at SWYK.

As a previous client, Rick also knows our program inside out, and is great at helping people to figure out the right path for them.

Helen Whitaker

Helen Whitaker is a licensed optician based in BC Canada and owns and operates Secure Vision - her mobile optical business. She also owns and operates the Secure Vision Mobile Optical Academy for aspiring mobile opticians.

She's originally from Yorkshire in the UK, where she enjoyed a long and successful career in medical and healthcare sales.  She emmigrated to Canada 12 years ago, and has just moved  to the Sunshine Coast with her husband Bart. 

She has an expert knowledge of the SWYK program, having been very successful using the training and building her own academy.

James McPherson

James is an experienced and qualified consultant. He is a highly experienced business professional with 12 years of working with investment banks and technology delivering needs based solutions as a senior consultant/client management expert.

James has also previously run his own successful enterprises and is passionate about uncovering potential and delivering value.

Chris Burgess

An incredibly high achiever, Chris has over 20 years in the film industry as an On Set Photographer and Assistant Director working on Films such as "Gladiator', 'Batman Begins', 'Casino Royale', 'Harry Potter' and the latest 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' and 'The Last Jedi'.

The Covid pandemic has had a huge negative impact on film making and Chris had a realisation that it's up to the individual to be in control of their own future and joined our team as an advisor.

He knows first-hand the importance to lay the foundations to make sure whatever is around the corner you need to be covered.  Gone are the days you can rely on a company or anyone else to provide it for you. 

Serena Burgess

Serena has a 17 year career as a yoga teacher and teacher trainer and previously worked in the UK magazine publishing industry.
She is a friendly, people-person with a big smile and a warm heart.
Her 3 main watch-words in life are Community, Service and Gratitude and she believes that our liberation is directly linked to how we manifest our purpose in the world, here and now, each day.

James 'Scott' Lawson

James, or Scott as he's known here, really keeps the wheels turning at Sell What You Know™.

He helps to make sure everyone is set up with the technology, and if you're a bit of a technophobe or are just struggling with it, Scott will help you out and get you up and running in no time.

Meet Your SWYK Coaches

Alex Smale

​Alex Smale has been a coach and digital marketer for over 15 years. He has coached and mentored thousands of students all over the world on how to be more successful online.

He has always been a technical expert, programming his first computer game aged just 4. He began digital marketing at the dawn of the social media age working in a variety of sectors including leisure, ecommerce, affiliate marketing and photography.

Alex now dedicates all of his time to the clients and team at Sell What You Know™ helping them to have a positive impact on the world by helping people to overcome the problems and challenges they have, with the knowledge and experience you have.

Viara Mileva

After over a decade spent writing academic papers, Viara broke free of the ivory tower and became an entrepreneur (first photographer, then copywriter and business coach).
Coaching other entrepreneurs on how to launch and scale successfully is her passion.
BEWARE: She WILL ask you about your avatar. Viara lives on a hobby farm with her husband and three kids, plus a menagerie of animals.

Ali Temple

​Ali Temple is a qualified and accredited coach specialising in mindset and peak performance. He is also a published co-author of the business handbook, How to Win & Keep Clients.

He coaches clients all over the world as well as runs an online membership focussed on happy healthy living.
He helps online coaches to master the very best coaching skills so that they can go on to get great results for their clients consistently.

Alistair Divall

Versatile presenter, actor and voiceover artist Alistair has turned his talents to practically every area of the entertainment business. He is in demand for television, acting, radio, commercial and corporate presenting.

Alistair uses his vast experience to coach and mentor individuals in the art of presenting. Helping them to be more engaging on camera, produce better ads and course materials and to be more outwardly confident.

Holly Barras

Known internationally as 'The Instagram Queen', Holly is an Instagram expert at the top of her game.

Holly will help you to rapidly grow an authentic and engaged Instagram audience the right way, without bots or black-hat strategies.

And then, how to turn this awesome organic audience into happy, paying clients.

Greg Scott

Greg has been a digital marketer for 10 years. During that time he’s coached over 1600 students, helping them to build successful online businesses.
He is the co-author of “Living A Laptop Lifestyle” along with his wife Fiona.
His passion is travel and they travel the world together for up to 9 months each year.

Fiona Scott

Fiona has strong professional ethics practising as a Chartered Accountant for 25 years. She's translated those skills into building several successful digital businesses with her husband.

Believing numbers were her strength and not words, she battled her demons to write their best-selling, triple-award winning book "Living A Laptop Lifestyle".

When not globetrotting the world nine months each year, they reside in Central London in easy reach of 5 international airports.