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Meet Your Coaches

Alex Smale 

Alex Smale has been a coach and digital marketer for over 15 years. He has coached and mentored thousands of students all over the world on how to be more successful online.

He has always been a technical expert, programming his first computer game aged just 4. He began digital marketing at the dawn of the social media age working in a variety of sectors including leisure, ecommerce, affiliate marketing and photography.

Alex now dedicates all of his time to the clients and team at Sell What You Know™ helping them to have a positive impact on the world by helping people to overcome the problems and challenges they have, with the knowledge and experience you have.

Meet Your SWYK Advisors & Support

Rick Cosnett

Rick is really happy to be a part of the Sell What You Know™ team, having major experience in the film and TV industry internationally, and loves helping people with how to efficiently take their skills and ideas online and to the next level.

Rick is a coach and has his own program which he runs alongside the time he spends helping us at SWYK.

As a previous client, Rick also knows our program inside out, and is great at helping people to figure out the right path for them.

James McPherson

James is an experienced and qualified consultant. He is a highly experienced business professional with 12 years of working with investment banks and technology delivering needs based solutions as a senior consultant/client management expert.

James has also previously run his own successful enterprises and is passionate about uncovering potential and delivering value.

Sharon Zehavi

Sharon Zehavi is an international branding & marketing strategist and the founder of Sex Up Your Brand & My Start-Up Accelerator, helping small businesses and start-ups to get the exposure they need to succeed.

She is an award-winning international speaker and has shared the stage with people like Vince Vaughn, Jason Alexander, Brooke Shields, Jay Abraham, and more. She has over 15 years of experience in marketing and advertising across the globe, starting in Israel, going through Europe and SA, and all the way to North America. Sharon is a best selling author, TV host, and female-empowerment keynote speaker.

Darren Sassienie

Darren Sassienie has over 20 years of experience in Marketing, business growth & Coaching. He has advised highly successful billion £ FTSE100 CEO’s and their senior leadership teams.  Darren left the corporate world to pursue his own dreams and has helped multi-million-pound start-up & scale-up founders as well as helping those who are just starting out to also become profitable and successful.

Darren is a speaker, has been featured on panels, TV, radio & in the media. He loves travelling and has visited/worked in over 40 countries. He has also judged the UK’s most successful companies alongside 19 OBE’s, CBE’s & MBE’s awarded by the queen. In addition to working as a Coach for Sell What You Know™ Darren also Coaches clients privately 1:1 (from all over the world) who want to achieve more from their life at the highest level.

He’s passionate about philanthropy and gains tremendous pleasure from helping people to get unstuck so that they are finally able to unlock and achieve their full potential in life-giving them a true sense of purpose, meaning and fulfilment with higher levels of confidence and happiness in addition to total freedom in all aspects of their life.

Mathieu Hutin

Mathieu grew up between France and Germany. He started his career in London, in Investment Banking. After 10 years in Banking, Mathieu lost touch with himself and after a breakdown, decided to redesign his life. He left his comfortable position in London behind and decided to start all over again in Guatemala.

Mathieu has now been working in the digital marketing/sales space for the last 3 years.

Apart from supporting our clients as an Advisor, Mathieu is passionate about Jungian Psychology, Muay Thai and coffee. He is also a professional photographer, specialising in architecture/interiorism and documentaries.

Rochelle Breen

Rochelle has experience in bringing exceptional customer service and client success. She started her career in the fast paced medical field before being given an opportunity that turned her head to the online world, and she's never looked back.

For the past 5 years Rochelle has lead a global online support team and created high-end concierge services for online entrepreneurs. She is always happy to help those who are overthinking and overwhelmed, by assisting with narrowing the focus and realigning priorities. Rochelle is dedicated to helping others succeed in making their dreams become reality.

Bryan Teare

Bryan started his career in Engineering before a series of events brought him to the realization that he wasn't living a life of purpose that he was really in love with. He promptly took the leap of faith to resign and embarked on a solo backpacking adventure with no plan B.

That was 7 years ago.

In the time since, he's not only coached his own clients, but also worked alongside some of the top coaches in the industry, helping them grow their businesses, lead retreats around the world, create profitable group programs doing multiple 6 figures, and more.

He currently focuses his energy on the systems and operations processes in the company, and fitting in a workout or round of golf at any opportunity possible!

Amie Connelly

Amie is our PA who is always busy behind the scenes making sure everything is working, and keeping Alex sane. We don't know what we would do without her! 

She is a professionally trained Dancer and Holistic therapist with many years of experience performing and teaching around the world and here in the UK. 

She is passionate about helping people achieve their goals, while working on her own projects.

Sasha Wallace

Sasha is one of our Support Specialists. Before joining the team she worked in childcare where she completed her level 3.

She absolutely loves making a difference to people's lives especially helping children develop life skills and grow into amazing humans. 

She loves this job as it lets her help people achieve their goals and ambitions and accomplish their dreams. She has been really excited to join us as part of the team. 

Taryn Teare

Taryn began her career working as a professionally trained Cordon Bleu chef and events coordinator. In search of a freedom-based lifestyle, she then took her creative skills and work ethic and moved into the world of online coaching. In the time since, she has supported coaches with everything from video editing and content creation to call setting and any other tasks are thrown her way, while still furthering her knowledge in food and nutrition.

When she is not supporting coaches, you’ll find her creating something new, whether it’s a delicious and nutritious meal or a beautiful painting. Taryn considers herself a life-long learner and adventure seeker.

Adrianna Frak

Adrianna has recently finished her Masters in Audiovisual and Literary Translation and has completed her Bachelor's degree in Hispanic Studies with a year abroad in Madrid.

She loves to travel and meet new people and languages are her passion.