How It Works

We truly believe that having a mentor who has achieved what you are aiming to achieve is the quickest and most effective way to reach your goals and get your business to the desired level.

Our area of expertise is helping coaches, mentors and consultants to build a business they love. To get more of the clients they want to work with at a price they are truly worth. We typically work with people who already have good coaching skills and we help them grow by aligning their marketing strategy with their business strategy. But we also offer comprehensive training with a wide range of marketing, sales and fulfilment to maximise the success of our students.

We work with a small group of select clients over a 14-week window to ensure we are able to give our students the close mentorship they need to progress and succeed with their businesses. It is a workshop environment designed to get coaches and mentors to their goals.

We work with you each week on any area of your business that you wish to focus on. From developing your offer to your clients, creating free value and funnels, digital advertising, effective sales and how to deliver a great training program to your clients. With the Sell What You Know™ Mentor and Success program, you get direct access to Alex and the team and all of their many years of experience and expertise, directly applied to your business.

Alex Smale - Founder Of Sell What You Know

The 5 Pillars Of Online Business Success

Our mentorship program, known as the Sell What You Know™ Mentor and Success Program, is based on the 5 main pillars below that are designed in a specific way to help our clients solve the biggest problems in their businesses:

  1. Superior Offer Alchemy™
  2. Building Rapid Authority™
  3. Marketing Made Easy™
  4. Authentic Client Acquisition™
  5. Leveraging Time and Scaling™

We find that before making a decision if this mentorship is for you and if we can take you on board as our private student, it’s always great to book a free 45 minutes strategy session where we go in depth through your particular situation and see if we can help you.

We only accept a limited number of students that we teach privately and it is extremely important that we feel that we are a good fit for each other in all ways.

We love truly helping our students but we have realised that it’s always best when we have matching values and the same work ethic together, thus during this session we get clarity on what you need to achieve what you desire, if we can help you to achieve those goals and if we are a good fit for each other.

To book your strategy session, click the button below:

Course Materials

Access the online course materials at your leisure, 24/7 from anywhere in the world, on any device.

Work at your own pace, on your own time.

Sell What You Know Online Course Dashboard and course modules

Online Support

Never be stuck with our online support.

If you have any questions or challenges as you build your coaching, mentoring or consulting business. Our team of support coaches are here to help you.

Sell What You Know Support Page

Group Calls

Get regular, direct support from our team of expert coaches and other students every week.

Current calls include helping you with your offer and audience, sales and copywriting and marketing.

Facebook group streaming a zoom call of online coaching call

Friendly Community

Connect with other students in the program from all over the world.

Share new knowledge, ideas and support.

Facebook group of sell what you know online coaching community

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so confident in our program, our abilities as coaches and our methods, that we offer a full money-back guarantee.

What that means is, if you invest in us and our program and you don’t see a return on your investment in us. Then we will give you back what you paid us.

How does it work?

All we ask that you complete the program and all of the action points within it. And then run your coaching business as per the methods in the program for six months.

If after that time your business revenue has not exceeded your investment in the program fee, then we will refund you the amount you paid us in full.

We offer this guarantee because your success is everything to us. It has long been our CEO’s philosophy that if you come to us for a result and don’t get that result, we have no right to keep your money. So we don’t.

For us, it’s really that simple.

You don’t buy training from us, you buy a result.

Wouldn’t It Be Great to Have More Clients?
We are passionate about helping coaches, mentors and consultants to grow and create the best strategies to scale their businesses and never need to struggle with obtaining their ideal clients again. Click the button to schedule in your free strategy session and learn how we could help your business thrive.